About Me

Hello readers, my name is Frank Ochiua. I’m a 30 year old veteran investor and day trader (yes I used to trade back in the days of paper charts and phone calls to brokers). Things have changed a lot since those days, obviously with the rapid onset of technology.

This technology has allowed for individuals to trade from home. The same people who found it hard to gain access to proprietary information on investing now have millions of websites full of information at their disposal.

My aim is to provide investors with a penny stock newsletter that gives them all the information they need to make informed decisions when day trading or investing. This website takes a “no-fluff” approach to providing valuable insight and content that will help a trader succeed in the market.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the best penny stock newsletter on the planet. If there is anything you want me to include on this website that will help you learn, please drop me a line. I’m always willing to accommodate my readers.